Abdullah Khan: Profile, Family, Girlfriend and Wiki

Samajwadi Party is not new to nepotism and dynastic politics. It is actually not a party of ‘samajwadi’, but rather a group of ‘parivarwadi’. Everyone knows about the family tree of Mulayam Singh Yadav and their political associations. Now, another son is going to fight the next Assembly Election. He is Abdullah Azam Khan, the son of soft spoken Azam Khan who is the Muslim face of SP.

Profile of Abdullah Azam Khan

There is no denying that Abdullah is quite different than his father Azam Khan when it comes to public speaking. Azam Khan has always been considered a soft spoken person. But, there lies another face of him. Sometimes he becomes quite acerbic coughing out swear words for Hindus laced in Urdu Sher O’ shairi. Abdullah is different. He wants to be the face of Muslims in UP, but he also doesn’t want to present himself as only a Muslim leader.

Abdullah was born in 1991 and hence at this moment he is only 26. At this tender age, he is going to fight against the Nawab of Rampu (the old rival of Azam Khan). Nawab Kazim Ali Khan, the sitting MLA from Suar Tanda, is fighting this election on the BSP symbol. It is quite interesting to note that Abdullah has chosen a tough seat for himself. If he succeeds in defeating Nawab, there is no denying that he will become a star.
Many people are already speculating that Abdullah will become a cabinet minister if Akhilesh Yadav returns to power.

Abdullah’s mother Tazeen Fatima is a Rajya Sabha MP. His father Azam Khan is a powerful cabinet minister and eight time MLA from Rampur.

It is quite interesting to note that Abudllah, who holds an Engineering degree, is currently the CEO of Jauhar University. A guy who is just out of college is the CEO of a big educational university can give shock to many people. But, remember that this University is owned by his father Azam Khan (though, the University is recognized by the UGC and also has got the status of Minority Educational Institution by the Government of India). The life time Chanellor of the University is Azam Khan and his wife Tazeen is Pro Vice Chanellor. Mulayam Singh Yadav is holding the position of Visitor. Obviously, these people are making mockery of educational system of India.

Abdullah is the youngest son of Azam Khan. His elder brother Adib Khan is handling business of hotel, resort and dairy. He doesn’t have any interest in the politics.

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