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Anjana Om Kashyap: Profile, Family, Husband, Caste and Salary

Anjana Om Kashyap is the reigning queen of Hindi News television space in India. She along with Sweta Singh is credited with the stupendous success of Aaj Tak. Sometimes she is labelled as an AAPtard, sometimes a BJP paid media personality and other times as a Congress stooge in the media. These labelling only shows that more or less she has remained neutral and take stand according to the subjects, not as per any ideologies or personalities.

Anjana is better known for her hard hitting debate shows, currently Hulla Bol at Aaj Tak and previously Do Tuk at News 24. She has also enjoyed reporting from the ground and her appearance in Raj Tilak – on ground election program of Aaj Tak – is quite a success.

Profile of Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana was born and brought up in Ranchi. Her family is basically from Bihar – Aarah. Her mother is from dirty but popular town Bihar Sharif (HQ of Nalanda district). However, she has done her schooling from Ranchi. Her father is a well-known medical professional of Jharkhand.

It was also a dream of Anjana Om Kashyap to become a doctor. After completing her schooling from Loreto Convent School, she appeared in various pre medical admission tests. Unfortunately, she couldn’t perform good and decided not to take any gap and continue with her studies. She took admission in Delhi University (Daulat Ram College) for graduation. After which, she did an attempt to crack UPSC Civil Services Examination. Again, she couldn’t crack Civil Services despite appearing in Interview two times. The UPSC preparation had already given her enough shells to judge any issues of national and international importance in a logical and constitutional manner. She decided to change the track and become a journalist. She took admission in Jamia Islamia for Mass Communication.

The first job in journalism for Anjana came with Doordarshan. Later, she joined Zee News as a Desk Reporter where she was required to report petty cases. She worked with Zee for five long years. At that time, she was taking care of her two little kids and was happy with low pressure job at Zee News. Once done with kids, she joined News 24 as an anchor. Here, her Do Tuk debate program became instant popular and she got wide appreciation for her probing attitudes with all guests without any biased attitude against anyone. Few years later, she joined Aaj Tak and since then working here as a Senior Editor and News Anchor.

Husband of Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap is married to Mr. Mangesh Kashyap. Her husband is a senior IPS officer with AGUMT Cader. Recently, Mangesh was made the Chief Vigilance Officer of South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Aam Aadmi Party cried foul saying that Mangesh was rewarded for some understanding between the BJP and Anjana Om Kashyap. However, they forget to mention that Mangesh is a senior IPS officer with credible record. Is it logical to expect someone being denied even seniority based post just because of the spouse profession? If there is any out of turn promotion, you can definitely raise the red flag. But, this was definitely not the case.

Caste of Anjana Om Kashyap

The family of Anajna Om Kashyap is from Bihar who decided to remain in Jharkhand after partition (of Bihar and Jharkhand). By caste, Anjana Om Kashyap is a Bhumihar Brahmin.

Salary of Anjana Om Kashyap

The salary and other allowances of Anjana Om Kashyap are not in the public forum. However, as per sources, she is getting around Rs. 1 Crore per year.


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  1. She is kashyap rajput (kahar) by caste

    1. Bhai kashyap is a common title of bhumihar

    2. Her father is Tiwari so she is Brahmin by birth... after marriage she may be bhumihar or something else .I don't know properly

    3. Tiwari title is also belong to bhumihar Brahman in Bihar
      Anjana is also bhumihar brahman

    4. I know her personally she is Bhumihar brahmin

      No more questions please.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. She was deadly bjp and hindu basher 2-3 years back now she is pro i know d reason

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Kashyap is gotra...which can be of any brahmin. While tiwari is surname comonly used by bhumihars in jharkhand and bihar

    1. In Bihar Tiwari also perform rituals after death.

  5. she is my favorite anchor

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    any contact number with her consent so that she can be approched

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. she is pride of bihar and a very good journalist possesses a beauty wid brain

    1. She is dirty mind ancher

    2. She is hard core Casteist & biased too. She is average by brain but got success due to beauty because she never proved talent in career.Being a Bhumihar She is cheater ,betrayer and casteist. she got uplift in career.She is opportunist and self-centered man chauvanist .

  9. She is hard core Casteist & biased too. She is average by brain but got success due to beauty because she never proved talent in career.Being a Bhumihar she got uplift in career.She is opportunist and self-centered man chauvanist .

  10. She is hard core Casteist & biased too. She is average by brain but got success due to beauty because she never proved talent in career.Being a Bhumihar she got uplift in career.She is opportunist and self-centered man chauvanist .

  11. Kashyap is also the gotra of kinwaar rajput. these rajput is only in Bihar, Up and Jharkhand.

  12. she is not reliable journalist
    she is biased minded LIVE for money,actually she is coward

  13. U R doing gr8 chaatugiri of Anjana the pro-BJP Chatukar of Aaj Tak

  14. Ghatya insan ki koi bhi caste ho kya fark padta hai.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Bhai ye faltu k comment agar aap log ndtv k anchor ravish aur ndtv k liye bhi bol dete to acha hota

  17. Great anchor '' beautiful hai to kya ye uski galti hai

  18. Ye hi to anjana ki khubi hai beauti with brain''' aur isme kuch bhi galat nahi hai


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