Brajesh Pandey, Ravish Kumar Brother: Profile and Sex Scandal

Ravish Kumar is widely regarded as one of the best Hindi news anchor and reporters of India. His Prime Time show on NDTV has maintained respected number of viewership despite the fact that the overall TRP of NDTV is pathetic to say the least.

Ravish starts his show by making few minutes long speech on contemporary issues. He always try to criticize the BJP led government. If you think that being anti-establishment and criticizing the government of the day is the job of a journalist, then you may find it tough to digest that this same Ravish Kumar seldom criticized the insanely corrupts two consecutive UPA regimes. Further, he stays away from making sarcastic comments on non-BJP ruled state governments.

Ravish Kumar is also known for showing the courage to blank out television screen in protest of JNU episode.

Brajesh Pandey and Sex Racket

Ravish Kumar is from Motihari in Bihar. By caste, he is a Bhumihar. His full name is Ravish Kumar Pandey. However, he does not use the surname Pandey to give a communism colour of his name.

Brajesh Pandey is the elder brother of Ravish. He has used the connection of Ravish Kumar to get Congress ticket in the last Assembly Election. He is also quite influential because of the close relation Ravish shared with Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav along with many Congress and AAP leaders.

Now, this same Brajesh Kumar Pandey has turned out to be a pimp – Yes, a DALAL. The brother of Ravish Kumar is a dalal who runs a sex racket.

He is accused of raping a minor girl along with some of his friends. That minor girl is an SC.

The brother of Ravish Kumar is accused in a sexual molestation case against a minor SC/Dalit girl. I am repeating this sentence to remind you that had it been a case of some distantly related BJP leader, the media would have gone berserk now. Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi would have visited the home of that minor dalit girl.

But, who cares!

Ravish Kumar is not going to black out his Prime Time screen. It may be time for you to black him out. Stop watching this moron who doesn’t have courage to say a word against a pimp running high profile sex racket in Patna because the pimp is his own brother.

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