Dimple Yadav Vs. Aparna Yadav: Love Hate Relationship

Dimple and Aparna Yadav are daughters-in-law of Mulayam Singh Yadav. They were in the center of attraction during the family feud which made headlines in recent months. Dimple, being the senior, has shown character by not making any statement against any family members during those days. Aparna also shows that she understands the political situation better and remained hooked with her constituency in her first battle from Lucknow Cant which is traditionally a BJP stronghold.

It was also widely perceived that Aparna, her husband and her mother-in-law were the main reason why Akhilesh Singh raised the flag of revolt against his father Mulayam Singh Yadav. Dimple, though remained tight lipped, supported Akhilesh and goaded him to not allow Mulayam to give power to his second wife Sadhana Gupta along with Prateek and Aparna.

However, the truce seems to have worked out.

Aparna Yadav is fighting a real tough battle against Rita Joshi Bahuguna of BJP. The probability of her victory is quite dismal. She was declared a candidate from this prestigious seat around nine months back. She was working tirelessly to make an impact. However, the family feud didn’t help her cause.

Mulayam Singh came forward and canvassed for Aparna. He also saw that she is in danger and may lose election. That is why, he asked Akhilesh to send Dimple for canvassing. A message needs to be given to core SP supporters that Akhilesh and Dimple are also supporting Aparna Yadav.

This has also sends out a very clear message. That is about the supremacy in the family. It is now very much clear that Akhilesh and Dimple are having upper hand in the family matter. Aparna has to get support of Dimple.

One more thing needs to be mentioned here that Aparna is quite an independent minded woman, unlike Dimple. She can put forth her point of view fearlessly. She had supported Narendra Modi at many occasions. Even she went to the extent of asking people to stand up against caste based reservation.

People feel that Aparna can go a long way in the politics. Dimple will only remain a shadow of Akhilesh Yadav. But, Aparna is different. She has never used the name of her husband Prateek, who has no interest in the world of politics.

It will be interesting to see the equation between Aparna and Dimple after election. In all probability, Aparna Yadav will try her best to make her own individual identity. She is already working with few NGOs and has made good name among serious social activists.

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