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Nara Lokesh: Profile, Wife, Politics, First Wife and Son

It is soon going to be ‘Son Rise’ in the ‘Sun Rise’ state. Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu loves to call his state as Sun Rise state to lure investors. Now, he is all set to induct his son Nara Lokesh in his Cabinet giving him some key portfolios. Nara Lokesh is already the General Secretary of TDP. It should be noted that Chandra Babu was also the General Secretary of the party during the last term of NTR, when he revolted and dethroned Telugu icon.

Profile of Nara Lokesh

Nara Lokesh is born on 23rd January, 1983 to Chandra Babu Naidu and Nara Bhuvaneshwari. Needless to say, he is the grandson of Late NTR.

Lokesh did schooling from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad and then graduated from Little Flower Junior College. He has always been a brilliant student and scored well throughout. After completing schooling, he took admission in Carnege Mellon University in the USA and did BS in MIS. Later, he also did MBA from Stanford University.

After returning from the USA, Nara Lokesh joined Heritage Foods Pvt. Ltd. This company was started in 1992 by his father Chandra Babu Naidu. Lokesh took this company to new heights and currently it is one of the most reputed dairy, grocery and retailing businesses of Southern India. Once, he established Heritage brand strongly, he turned his focus towards politics.

Nara interest into the politics was fresh and revolutionary. The Direct Cash Transfer that UPA and Modi Government have worked upon was first proposed by Nara Lokesh in 2009. It was included into the TDP manifesto. This was also the first time when the imprint of Nara Lokesh was seen in the TDP politics. However, the party lost that Assembly election and his revolutionary ideas went into cold sacks.

Nara Lokesh formally joined TDP in 2013 as head of TDP Youth’s Wing. His rise in the party is meteoric. There is no denying that being the son of the party chief helped him. But, one can also not deny the positive work he is doing for the party. In fact, he is now widely regarded as the second most popular leader of TDP and this respect and recognition has nothing to do with his relation with Chandra Babu Naidu.

Wife of Nara Lokesh

Nara Lokesh is married to Brahmani, who is his maternal cousin. Brahmni is the daughter of Telugu actor and current MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna. The couple has a son named Devansh. They are not planning to have any more babies.

Nara Lokesh was also once accused of fathering another baby named Nara Santosh. The accusation was levelled by a person who was in jail for cheating case. The entire drama was termed as an attempt of a frustrated person to give credence to his theory that he was honest and framed by Naidu family.