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Love Story of Rajkumari Kaul and Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee is a lifelong bachelor. He never married unlike Narendra Modi who has deserted his wife. However, unlike Narendra Modi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee remained with his family ever since 1970s. His family is complete – a loving daughter, a caring son – in – law and a cute granddaughter. How come?
Actually, his daughter Namita is the biological daughter of Rajkumari Kaul, the name everyone remembers in Lutyen’s Delhi for her warmth and affection. Rajkumari Kaul died in 2014.

Modi with Ranjan, the foster son - in - law of Atal Ji

Love Story of Rajkumari Kaul and Atal Ji

The love story of Atal Ji and Mrs. Kaul is being termed as one of the most beautiful love stories in the history of India. You can find dedication and sacrifices here. You can find a bond deep trust, which is hard to locate anywhere.

Atal fell in love with Rajkumar while being in the college in Gwalior. He wrote a love letter and left in the book meant for Rajkumari. In return, Rajkumari also responded. Unfortunately, that letter didn’t reach Atal Ji. In the meantime, the family of Rajkumari came about this relationship and they hurriedly fixed her marriage. Both of them were Brahmin by caste, but Kaul used to consider themselves of higher gautra.

Rajkumari was married to Professor B. N. Kaul who was a lecturer at Ramjas College, Delhi University. Atal ji decided to remain bachelor throughout his life.

After independence, the parliamentary life of Atal ji also got started. He came to Delhi and there he saw Rajkumari who in turn introduced B. N. Kaul to him. In a matter of time, B. N. Kaul and Atal Ji became close friends. In fact, the family of Kaul shifted their base to Atal Ji MP flat.

B. N. Kaul died and Rajkumari remained with Atal Ji. She has the burden of taking care of her only daughter Namita. Atal Ji decided to give his name to Namita and that’s how she became his foster daughter.

Since then, Rajkumari Kaul started to take care of Atal Ji. There is absolutely no doubt that she remained with him like his wife.

This relationship was pure and can be judged on many parameters of trust and mutual understanding. However, some creepy minds in RSS raised red flag. Prominent among them was Balraj Madhok. RSS couldn’t take action against one of its most towering parliamentarian.

In this context, opposition members must be appreciated for their decision to never raise this personal issue of Atal Ji. Time has changed in the world of Indian politics. Personal attack has become common these days.


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