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Jayalalitha and Shasikala were Lesbian: Truth Vs. Hype

One of the most intriguing relationships in the political history of India is between Late J. Jayalalitha and Sasikala. People still wonder what was there in Sasikala which compelled Jayalalitha to bestow complete trust on her. If you remove few months of hiatus when Sasikala was removed from AIADMK, the relationship between them had always been strong as well as mysterious.

Two reasons have always been given by people in the know behind this intriguing chemistry between them. The first one is the financial angle. People say that Jayalalitha had been trapped in a sort of financial web by none other than Natarajan and it had become tough for her to get out of this. The DA case kept on hovering over Amma’s head which sometimes threatened to kill her political future.

The other reason is quite personal – which had mainly provided by DMK leaders. That is the sexual angle – J. Jayalalitha and Shasikala were lesbians. We will try to explore this angle here.

Were Shasikala and Jayalalitha Lesbian?

When Jayalalitha had removed Sasikala from AIADMK and asked all of her family members to get out of her house at Poes Garden, majority of her die hard supporters were happy. Even people had lit fireworks in many places in Tamil Nadu to celebrate this step of Jayalalitha in 2011. However, few months later, Jayalalitha forgave Shasikala and she returned to the house with all of her family members.

And, people again started to blame that Jayalalitha couldn’t live without her sex partner Shasikala and hence this forgiveness was just an orchestrated drama.

The root of this allegation goes back in the late 1990s when a letter allegedly written by Jayalalitha to her personal physician came in the public forum. In this letter, Jayalalitha had disclosed about her sexual relationship with Shasikala. DMK linked people started to raise their voices based on this letter and asked for clarification from Jayalalitha.

That was a sort of heinous campaign meant to malign the character of a woman who was fighting all odds to shine in a predominantly patriarchal society.

On their parts, both Jayalalitha and her personal doctor had denied the existence of any such letter.

In a famous interview with Simi Grewal, Jayalalitha had said that she never thought any need to vociferously reply to these types of stupid and scandalous allegations.
It should also be noted that once Karunanidh had said that – A pious, Pure and chaste lady is talking about purity of Late Maran. Actually, few days back, Jayalalitha had said that Maran wasn’t as such a pious man that his statue can be erected in any corner of Tamil Nadu. Karunandhi had replied to this statement of Amma and clearly his sarcastic words like pious, pure and chaste were meant to malign the character of Jayalalitha.

In any case, there isn’t any proof in the public forum about the lesbian relationship between Jayalalitha and Shasikala.


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