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Mirza Sahiban Love Story: Reality or Folklore?

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s film Mirzya is creating buzz these days. It is expected to rock the silver screen with two debuting actors – Anil Kapoor son Harshvardhan and Saiyami Kher. The film is based on the real life intense love story of Mirza and Sahiban. This love story has become a sort of folklore in Punjab (both Indian and Pakistan).

The mosque where the chemistry sparkled between Mirza and Sahiban is located in Kheiwa village of Jang district in Pakistan.

The Love Story of Mirza and Sahiban

The legend says that the elder brother of Mirza had burned the entire village. However, this mosque was miraculously survived and he couldn’t do anything. The mosque is still here since 17th Century and has become a source of inspiration for any couple. It is a manifestation of love.

But, it is quite unfortunate to note that this mosque which is really an inspiration for true lovers of the Indian subcontinent lies in a state of abject negligence. The reason is the folklore surrounding Mirza and Sahiban. Locals of Kheiwa village as well as of surrounding areas don’t allow their children and relatives to visit the mosque. Needless to say, adults also don’t come here. They think that the mosque is nothing but an evidence of a relationship which was against the established norms of society – then or even now.

Before taking you to world of this story, I would like to convey that Mirza-Sahiban love story is the fourth and last popular (for some, notorious) love stories of the Punjab region. The other three are – Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnun and sohni Mahiwal. The love story of Mirza Sahiban is the last among this quartet and after this people started to not give importance to these types of intense love relationship. They thought making these anti-social love stories is only degrading the values of their societies.

This is not the first film on Mirza Sahiban. There have been many others which were started by D. N. Madhok in 1939. However, in all these films you will find a clear ambiguity in the thinking process of Sahiban, the female protagonist.

Here goes the story:

There was a teenage guy named Mirza Jatt who fell in love with none other than his cousin of the same age named Sahibaan. They were studying together in the mosque where they started to develop liking for each other.

It is not possible to conceal love for long and especially when the couple belongs to same place. The love affair of Mirza and Sahiban also come to the notice of their families. The parents of Sahiban were quite unhappy with this decision, and in a hurry they fixed her marriage to another man.

On the fateful day – the marriage of Sahiban with another man – Mirza came on his horse, famous Bakki, and eloped with Sahiban.

Mirza took Sahiban few kilometers away and decided to take some rest. He was already tired because of fighting. Sahiban asked him to not take rest, but he insisted and instantly slept.

Meanwhile, Sahiban brothers were franatically searching for her. She was well aware of the fact that her brothers will come there sooner or later. She was little bit perplexed as at that very moment she thought that Mirza being a strong warrior may killed her brothers. She went forward and broke all arrows of Mirza who was sleeping then.

As expected, Sahibaan brothers came there. Mirza also got up and tried to escape with Sahibaan. However, they had neutralized the couple. In that very moment when fight was imminent, Mirza noticed that all of his arrows are broken. In no time, he understood that it was Sahibaan, his love, who did all this.

Sahibaan brothers killed Mirza on the spot who remained puzzled why Sahiban did this to him.

There is no denying that Sahibaan is quite unpopular as a lover. She wanted to protect both of her families and her lover. But, she definitely made blunders.