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Dr. Navin Duggad (Kamthe), Chhidwara: Cancer Treatment

Consider a situation – one of your relatives is suffering from malignant tumor, like Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). The options for treatment in the conventional medicine are over. Death is near the corner. What will you do? Will you wait for the death or will you try some alternative medicine?

Obviously, you will try alternative option.

I would suggest you to go for Ayurvedic cancer treatment provided by Mr. Navin Duggad of Chhindwara.

The doctor (he has no medical degree) has treated more than 15, 000 cancer patients. I am not aware of the success rate, but I have heard of many miracle cases. Obviously, not all patients will be treated successfully. But, there is no harm in trying it when all options have already been exhausted. He is not a quack looking forward to make money out of your predicament. In reality, he doesn't charge a single penny for the main medicines provided by him. There will be some prescribed medicines, which you can buy from anywhere or can prepare at home.


Important Information:

If you are fighting cancer – as an unfortunate patient, survivor or a care giver, I would highly recommend you to read the book – Anti Cancer – A New Way of Life. This book, costing just Rs. 270, unlocks the power of available options for you as far as diet and supplements are concerned. Everything that you eat are analyzed in a scientific, but lucid manner. This book had helped me a lot in planning the diet. It is available for cash on delivery on Amazon India. You pay after you get book at your home. Click the following Amazon icon for details:

Dr. Navin Duggad doesn't charge any money for his miraculous medicines. He prepares medicines in his home without the help of anyone. No one is aware of the ingredients of the medicine. Further, there are some tough rules that are required to be followed, like the patient has to be away from light for 15 days and avoiding milk products, among others.

I don’t say that you should try or suggest someone to try this medicine. But, when there is no option left, please consult this doctor.

Please be aware, he is popularly known as Kamthe wale Vaidya Ji in Chhindwara. 


  1. chhindwada police is corrupt and hence antinational as they are allowing this fellow to kill hundreds of people. how is he running the dispensary...with a shop opp his dispensary from where one has to buy 3000 to 4000 appears to be tied up with him.

    1. right said..I went him last year..but he us big 3/5 known person died with his si called jaldi buti..I give his jaldi buti and surgery done in tata hospital

    2. Jisne is bastard se dawa lia aur aur koi fyda nhi hua Wo mujhe WhatsApp karo 9323345670.. Mai is ke khilaf complain krne wala hu

  2. mr duugad is kasai/slaughter/murderer and he will never have peace in his life as he will have curses fro all those souls who could not survive as he is a big fool and chootiya.
    we have very bad experience. bindulata my sister 5o yrs was assured by this rascal / bastard that she will be all right and we followed his strict precautions for 2 months. we met him on 20th may 2016 and my sister passed qaway on 24th july. he will not allow any other medicines and we foolowed him sincerely and due to that she has suffered like a hell for a month. pray for her soul to rest in peace.
    please do not visit this rascal as his pets and he himself will never respond you in emergency. you will feel terribly lonely and tensed.

    1. I need to have a word with you since my uncl is Also undergoing treatment under mr naveen .please give me call 9007777033

    2. WhatsApp me 9323345670..I went him last for my cancer

    3. Anonymous4:29 AM

      The treatment is for only for a healthy people only ; means patient will have deficiency of vitamin D as he not allows sunlight/ any light ,dairy products .{ his treatment is useless simply he is earning money by selling medicines of app. Rs 3000/- to 5000/- ] So in my view any patient should not take this treatment .Cancer's best treatment is 1. Surgery 2. radiotherapy than last treatment is chemotherapy of level 1 2 3 ...etc. than RIP .

  3. I am also a witness of.him.he is big fruad...4/5 my known person died from his medicine ..don't go..he is fraud..

  4. If anyone want me details about this rascal what's app me on 9323345670..I will give this bastard detail..


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