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Madhu Kishwar: Profile, Husband and Family

Madhu Kishwar is one of the best logical feminist activists of India. She is logical because she can take stand on a feminist issue without seeing that into any ideological color. She is also a senior fellow at the most prestigious institution in India for social studies – Center for the Studies of Developing Socities (CSDS). Apart from that, she is the founding chairman of Manushi, a magazine working and struggling for the betterment of life of the Indian women. She is also considered a Right Winger who has supported Narendra Modi through her writing.

Early Life

Madhu Kishwar is a born Delhites. Her father K. L. Kishwar was one of the prominent social worker of Delhi. He had worked tirelessly to raise the issue of down trodden people. Madhu has always taken inspiration by her father.

Her full name is Madhu Purnima Kishwar. And, she was born in 1951.

She has done her entire education from Delhi. After completing her schools, she took admission in the Miranda House, Delhi University. She has shown her acumen during this phase and had become the president of the students’ union of this college. Later she took admission in the JNU. At this point of time, she was little bit inclined to Left politics. However, the deeper she tried to understand the prevailing social conditions of India, she become quite abhorrent of the Left. She started Manushi in 1979 and tried her best to not let Leftist hijack her magazine primarily focused to raise the issue of Indian women without thinking about ideology.

Husband of Madhu Kishwar

There is no information in the public domain about the relationship status of Madhu Kishwar. She is quite popular on Twitter and other social media. However, she has never talked about her personal life.

Actually, there is nothing for which she can talk about.

Madhu Kishwar is unmarried. She remained unmarried so that her endeavor to raise the issue of India women can’t get hampered because of her family.

It is also quite disheartening to see that many AAP and Congress supporters openly abusing her. This is a fact that Madhu Kishwar has met Modi only once. But, many on social media link her to Narendra Modi. That is all because she is supporter of the WORK of Narendra Modi. Get a life people!

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