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Richa Chadha: Profile, Boyfriend and Details

Richa Chadha is widely regarded as one of the most promising and talented actresses of the contemporary Indian film industry. Unfortunately, she is not getting the recognition she deserves. It is not easy to find a comparable actress in the Bollywood who can handle highly versatile and intense characters at ease. If you take a look on her filmography, you can guess that she might be quite tough in her real life. But, that isn’t the truth. She is down to earth, highly sensitive and progressive girl.

Richa Chadha

In this article, we will have short look on personal relationships of Richa Chadha – her boyfriends.

Boyfriends of Richa Chadha

The first boyfriend of Richa Chadha was Ritesh Bhavalkar. She is said to have one relationship during her school days, but nothing is known publicly about that guy. In fact, very little information is available in the public domain about the identity and profession of Ritesh.

In the film industry, Richa is said to be quite close to Randeep Hooda. She has done few films with Randeep, including critically acclaimed Masaan. There is no denying that the chemistry between Richa and Randeep is quite intense and they look quite comfortable with each other. Richa says that Randeep is quite a tough person from outside but he has a heart of gold. This statement was more than enough to say that something is cooking between them. However, they are yet to publicly accept about this relationship.

Richa Chadha and Franck Gastambide

Like her reel life, Richa is currently engaged in a very interesting relationship. She has publicly accepted of dating French actor Franck. There is no problem as far as dating a foreigner is concerned. But, the real problem is the language.

You will be surprised to know that Franck, the current boyfriend of Richa Chadha, doesn’t know English (or very little English, not enough to communicate). He can only communicate frequently in French. Further, Richa is comfortable in English and Hindi. She doesn’t know anything about French. In fact, she is unaware of basic vocabulary of French. Now, you can imagine how tough this relationship might be. Franck is living in Paris and because of tight schedule Richa can’t go there.

Yet, both of them are in a relationship. This is more than just a long distance relationship. Apart from geography, they have to cross another barrier – linguistic hurdle.

Richa says that she and Franck have installed many translation apps on their smart phones which make it possible for them to understand each other. However, as you might have guessed, this isn’t going to work for long. One of them needs to learn a common language.

In all probability, Richa and Franck are going to choose different ways in future. In my opinion, Richa will become a life partner of Randeep Hooda, the ex-boyfriend of Sushmita Sen.