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Tingez Face Wash: Review and Benefits

I am well aware of the benefits of taking green tea. In fact, I have taken it for long with good benefits. It was the first time when I saw a herbal face wash with green tea. When I saw the product in my local grocery market, I decided to let it try.

The name of the product is Tingez Face Wash. This face wash promises to cleanse the facial skin while removing all pollutants and dead skins from the outer layer. I noticed the difference from the very first time when I used it.

The Face wash comes with a simple squeezy tube of white colour. First of all, I washed my face properly with normal water. Then, I took little bit of gel on my palm and then gently rubbed on my entire facial skin and neck. It lathers quite smoothly, better than my previous Garnier Men Light Face Wash. Further, I also noticed light fragrance of green tea emanating out of the lather. That was quite soothing to my senses. After washing my face and drying up with towel, I felt cool and fresh sensation. There was definitely little bit of difference.

Moreover, I didn't notice drying up of my skin. I guess it is because of the fact that this Tingez Face Wash doesn't contain soap products, animal derivatives and also petroleum products. I think this will be also great for people having dry skin. There is no need of moisturizer. After using it for the first time, I waited for 48 hours. This was the first time I was using a green tea based face wash and I was not ready to take any chance.

After this duration, I didn’t find any sort of problems on my skin, like irritation, red rashes or small break outs. It means I am not allergic to any of the ingredients of this face wash and can continue to use it. I generally use it when I come home from outside. There are lots of dust and other materials in my town which hurt the facial skin.

This face wash is helping me to easily handle the problem. I should also mention here that the price of this face wash is little bit more. It may be out of rich for a middle class family. It cost me Rs. 245. The price printed on the pack is Rs. 349.