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Priyadarshini Chatterjee: Profile, Boyfriend and Family

Priyadarshini Chatterjee, a Guwahati girl, is crowned the Femina Miss India, 2016. She will represent India in this year’s Miss World Contest.

Priyadarshini was previously crowned the Miss Delhi title on the basis of which she had participated in this event. She was a front runner ever since the session was started. She may not be the most beautiful among 21 girls who had participate – in fact, it hard to say who was the most beautiful among these lot – but, there is no denying that she is endowed with amazing communication skills coupled with sharp presence of mind. It is some of her answers which made her a winner.

As mentioned above, she is the Miss Delhi. However, she is basically from Assam and because of this fact that the entire Assam was erupted in joy when Priyadarshini was announced the winner.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Profile of Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini was born on August 12, 1996 in Guahati. The name of her parents are Pravir and Papiya Chatterjee. She had done her entire schooling from Maria’s Public School, Guahati. She was considered quite brilliant student. In fact, her teachers had suggested her to go for Medical Entrance Preparation. However, she decided to do something different and follow her dreams. She had secured very good percentage in Class XII exam and her being from North Eastern state helped her to get admission in the coveted Hindu College of the Delhi University.

She was studying in Hindu College and was also looking for modeling assignments. She had already made good news because of her performance in Freshers’ Party. When the audition for Miss Delhi was organized, she took part and got selected to appear in the final round. Rest, as you know, is history.

Boyfriend of Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini has one boyfriend. He is also studying in Hindu College. And, he is also from Assam stage, along with being a Hindu Bengali Brahmin. Obviously, this is a perfect match as far as traditions of Bengali Hindus are concerned. They were used to stay together as a live-in partner in Outram Lines, near Delhi University.

However, as per terms of conditions of Femina Miss India, she may have to keep this relationship secret. She will have to remain unmarried for at least one year – that is obviously not a problem. There is also no denying that she is going to join the Bollywood. In that case, it will be interesting to see whether she will maintain her relationship with her boyfriend or not.


  1. She is too young to decide now whom to be with.... but as per norm of typical girl, they never marry their boy friend, they might have living-in relationship, until marriage she is virgin, pure and obedient daughter... I think this implied to boy also who every offer better dowry they marry them only .... nobody marry their girl friend.

  2. typical indian girls

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