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Kanishka Singh: Profile, Family and Business

Kanishka Singh is a very well-known face in the Indian Congress Party. He is a long time trusted aide of Rahul Gandhi and termed as eyes and ears of the scion of the grand old party of India.

He always remains in news for something wrong. He was alleged to have been involved in Augusta Chopper Scam by Kirit Somaiya. Further, Congressmen termed him the wall which is stopping Rahul Gandhi from becoming a mass leader. In fact, in many cases, even a senior leader has to get appointment from Kanishka Singh to meet Rahul Gandhi.

Profile of Kanishka Singh

Kanishka is the son of S. K. Singh, a former IFS Officer. Mr. S. K. Singh was the foreign secretary to the Government of India from 1989 to 1990. He became governor of Arunachal Pradesh in 2007 and later of Rajasthan. It should be mentioned here that Mr. S. K. Singh has been the longest serving high commissioner to Pakistan. He was there from 1985 to 1989. These were turbulent time and there is no denying that he didn’t handle the situation well.

Mr. S. K. Singh was quite close to Rajiv Gandhi. Actually, it was Rajiv who had sent him to Pakistan and kept him there for such a long duration. Rajiv had also preferred him for the post of Foreign Secretary. After the assissanation of Rajiv Gandhi, S. K. Singh remained close to the Gandhi family. At that time, his son Kanishka Singh became a close friend of Rahul Gandhi. He is quite junior to Rahul Gandhi, but that has never been a barrier in developing close relation.

Kanishka Singh has studied from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and then went to the USA to do M.S and MBA. He did MBA from Wharton. After spending some time as an investment banker in New York, Kanishka returned to India on the call of Rahul Gandhi. He worked as a poll manager of Rahul in 2004 election in Amethi. Congress came to power and being close to Rahul, Kanishka became really powerful.

In fact, the power of Kanishka Singh in Congress was at the same level which was enjoyed by Prashant during Narendra Modi Prime Ministerial campaign. However, Kanishka was summarily dethroned from all powerful political inner team of Rahul Gandhi after the debacle of Congress in 2012 UP Assembly Election.

Kanishka is still close to Rahul and Priyanka. But, there is no denying that he is no more a trusted aide of Rahul.