Girish Bapat, BJP: Profile and Controversies

Girish Bapat is one of the most respected politicians of BJP in the state of Maharashtra. He is a five time MLA from Kasba Peth and currently holding important Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection portfolio as a Cabinet Minister in Maharashtra Government.

Profile of Girish Bapat

Girish was born on September 3, 1953. He joined RSS as a pracharak at a very young age. In fact, he was one of the most firebrand youth leader from Maharashtra during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency Phase. And, at that time he was even arrested and sent to jail while being only 25 years old. Once out of jail, he emerged as a firebrand young leader and was made the Secretary of Jansangh Pune. Since then he remained a successful and quite popular politician in Pune.


Being a senior BJP leader of Pune, Bapat has made the party red faced many times. It is because of these facts that he was not appreciated by senior leaders. His relationship with Gopinath Munde was not cordial as Munde used to think him as a fraud.
Holding Hands with a Lady

Recently, a photo of Girish Bapat became viral over social media platforms. You can see in the picture that he is holding hand of a lady.

This picture has created a sort of storm over social media. The woman is not related to Girish Bapat. She is also not in the government service. Further, she is also not from BJP. Then, who is she and why does Mr. Bapat holding her hand so affectionately?

The image was clicked by an unknown person and shared by the Social Media. This was a program of the CM and hence lots of local people were there. It is quite shocking that a case has been filed against that unknown photographer. He didn’t do any mistake by clicking the picture of the CM. Further, it is also very unlikely that Girish Bapat has some relation with that woman. Had there been any secret relationship, he would not have held her hand publicly and in a program of the Chief Minister. The woman has also said that Mr. Bapat was just letting her see the CM and for her Bapat is a father figure.

Seeing MMS and Blue Films

Girish Bapat was once invited to address young girl students in Pune. He went there and said something which was completely undignified and unbecoming of a senior cabinet minister.

Mr. Bapat addressed young girls saying that he also watch those obsene clips in the night at home which you people watch on the mobile phone. He further quipped that he is young by heart and not old.

It was highly objectionable and even the BJP couldn’t find anything to defend this idiotic remark of a ‘tharki buddha’.

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