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Mishmee Das: Profile, Family and Boyfriend

Mishmee Das is one of the most promising actresses of Bengali Television. She is yet to make an entry on the big screen, but seeing her performance and beauty one can definitely say that the day is not far when she will literally burn the silver screen.
Her parents must have thought something special while naming her. It is not just a coincidence that her name is Mishmee Das. And, seeing through some of her pictures, you may say – Hey Mishy! I am really gonna miss you dear. Would you please allow me to kiss you!

Mishmee Das

Profile of Mishmee Das

Mishmee was born and brought up in Kolkata in a Bengali Hindu family. She is among two children of her parents – her elder brother is also an aspiring model. Her mother Maushumi Das was a sort of liberal woman who never loved to apply any sort of restrictions on the personal life of Mishmee. Because of this freedom, Mishmee started to dream about becoming a model just when she was in Class VI.

By the way, she has studied from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Salt Lake, Kolkata. After completing her education, she discontinued studies and started to focus completely on modeling and acting. She was a also a participant of the Femina Beauty Pageants.

At this juncture, 2016, Mishmee’s Age is 19 years. She is still young and may become a national sensation in future.

Boyfriend of Mishmee Das

Mishmee is currently dating a Bengali guy. His name is not known on the public forum. If you know his name, please write that in the comment section. As a matter of fact, Mishmee has always been in a relationship since her school days. 

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