Rahul Gandhi and Ramya Relationship: Truth or Hype?

It was natural for Ramya to visit New Delhi after winning Mandya Bye Election in 2013. She was in Delhi lots of time.

But, it is little bit perplexing that Rahul Gandhi started to visit Karnataka frequently after the victory of Ramya. Check facts and you may be surprised. Rahul and Ramya even went to Mandya together on a car from Bangaluru. Ramya says that Rahul was talking about the blocking of the right side of road for security concerns when he only needed left side. Only Rahul can say exactly what he was trying to say!

They were even together in March in Assam. Ramya is not holding any particular national post in the Congress party and her being with Rahul Gandhi in Assam was little bit shocking… yes, shocking. When the picture of her was leaked, she started to tweet about this ‘padyatra’.

When Siddharamaiah sacked Ambareesh, many political analysts were surprised. Ambareesh is a powerful Vokkaliga leader and it can be political suicide to sack him without any charges or public allegations. It is said that Rahul Gandhi had asked for his removal. And, who can advise Rahul about this – only Ramya.

Ramya like Ambareesh is from Kannada Film Industry and also a Vokkaliga. Both of them are from the same area. It is said that Ambareesh ensured that Ramya lost 2014 General Election.

Ramya was also going to be inducted into the cabinet, but that decision has been postponed. A seat is still there, though (14 ministers were removed and 13 new faces were inducted).

Nothing proved that Rahul Gandhi and Ramya are in relationship. However, they are more than political colleagues, that’s for sure.

Ramya in an interview had categorically denied having any relationship with Rahul Gandhi. 

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  1. Speaking to the media, he said he wasn’t given a reason for being arrested, and that the same was done to him in Uttar Pradesh as well. Earlier in the day, the police had maintained that they would not permit Gandhi to visit the district. The Congress leader reached Udaipur, Rajasthan, before leaving for MP by road. In Nimaheda town, in Chittorgarh district, he rode pillion for nearly 7 kilometres to reach the MP border. From there, he walked to the border, where he was taken into preventive custody.
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