Anusuya Bhardwaj: Profile, Family and Husband

Anusuya Bhardwaj is one of the most popular TV anchors of Telugu in the contemporary times. Her popularity on television sets manifests from the fact that even top notch actors of Tollywood are ready to give time for her shows. An example is the galaxy of celebrities that have appeared in the highly popular show named ‘A Date With Anusuya’ #ADateWithAnusuya.

Anusuya is quite comfortable at camera and the style of her dialogue delivery is also unique. It is hard to believe that a girl without any formal training in acting and public speaking can handle so many shows without a hint of problem.

Anusuya Bhardwaj

Profile of Anusuya Bhardwaj

Anusuya was born in Hyderabad on 15th May, 1985. At this juncture, her age is 31 years. She was a brilliant student from her schooling days and always wanted to do big in the career of her choice. After completing schooling, she took admission in an Engineering College and handsomely completed B. Tech. She had job offer from a software company, but decided to go for MBA. In 2008, she completed MBA and was planning to shift to the USA for a corporate job. While she was waiting for Visa and other formality, she got an offer to be the presenter of a show at Sakshi TV. She decided to take the offer and work until she gets the Visa. This opportunity connected her to major personalities of TV industry, and hence she deserted the idea of going to the USA for job. Rather, she started to devote herself completely for her new profession – an anchor or presenter. In no time, she became quite popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Since then, there is no looking back and Anusuya wants to concentrate deeply on her profession of being an anchor.

Anusuya is also going to make a powerful debut in the film industry with Kshanam. In this movie, she will don the role of a police officer. It will be interesting to see Anusuya in a contrasting avatar in this movie. There may not be a bubbly and smiling girl, but a cold blooded police officer.

Husband and Boyfriend of Anusuya Bhardwaj

The marriage of Anusuya is something a sort of mystery. She is married to one Susank Bhardwaj. The exact date or year of her marriage is not available in the public domain. We just know that the couple is living in Hyderabad with their two children. Yes, Anusuya is the mother of two children. She must be given credit for the fact that she has managed her body in an exceptional way despite being a mother.

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