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Sheela Balakrishnan, IAS: Profile, Family and Bio

Sheela Balakrishnan, retired IAS Officer of Tamil Nadu Cadre, is widely regarded as blue eye lady of the late Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha. She had become the most trusted ally of Amma, a sort of all-weather friend. Whether Jayalalitha was in crisis or enjoying good times, she never forgot to keep Sheela to her side. In fact, lots of political decisions before the last Assembly Election was taken on the advice of Sheela and the result only shows that this retired IAS officer is not only efficient in administration, but also in case of political maneuvering.

Profile of Sheela Balakrishna

Sheela Balakrishnan was born in Thiruvanthpuram, Kerala. She cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination at a very young age in 1976 and got Tamil Nadu Cadre. She is considered as one of the best women IAS officers that Tamil Nadu has ever seen. There is lots of amazing administration success which are credited to Sheela.

Sheela is now 62 years old and retired. But, it seems retirement from IAS has only increased her work load. She is now eyes and ears of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

It should be mentioned here that Sheela came close to Jayalalitha in 2002. When Karunanidhi came to power, he completely shunted her out and kept her on an smallest possible posts without no real authority. She silently faced all those five years. When AIADMK came back in power in 2011, Sheela was one of the first officers who was brought to the State Secretariat and given big responsibility.

Sheela had also become the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. It should be noted here that Jayalalitha had ordered Sheela’s appointment by superceding the senior most IAS officer. And, who was that senior most IAS officer – husband of Sheela Balakrishnan. Obviously, there was no controversy at that time because Sheela’s husband was more than happy to see his wife handling bigger responsibility.

Husband and Family of Sheela Balakrishnan

The husband of Sheela is R. Balakrishnan. As mentioned above, he was also an IAS officer working with Tamil Nadu cadre.

Jayalalitha Hospitalization and Sheela Balakrishnan

Selvi Jayalalitha was hospitalized for 75 long days before leaving the Planet Earth never to return. During this protracted hospitalization, she remained the Chief Minister and there was no official notification about how the day to day administration will be handled. In fact, she left everything administrative in hands of Sheela Balakrishnan. 

It came to the light that the person who took the command of Tamil Nadu while Jayalalitha was in the hospital was none other than Sheela Balakrishnan. She has controlled everything – from AIADMK politics to state administration. Even the trusted lieutenant of Jayalalitha had no say in the administrative decisions and everyone had to take orders from Sheela who was also living in the Apollo Hospital.

Sheela Balakrishnan is handling Tamil Nadu legally. She has been appointed as the Chief Advisor to the CM just after retirement. And, hence, in this capacity, she can issue orders in the name of Jayalalitha. It will be interesting to see how the new administration under OPS will use such a brilliant officer.

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  1. She must be the next Chief Minister

    1. Anonymous11:54 PM

      All Malayalees thinking like this.

    2. Anonymous2:09 AM

      she is not an elected MLA by the people of Tamilnadu. She can be a good secretary/advisor but not a leader/CM.

  2. Whatever said and done, there were two Malayalis in Jaya's life - MGR and Sheila Balakrishnan.

    1. ur brain works btw pants

  3. sir please kindly request sheela balakrishnan mam mail id please help me mam mail id some problems talk with mam please share mam mail id

  4. india has population of 1.3 billion and that there lakhs of illustrious outstanding young talented IAS officers waiting for next role no one is indispensable like shiela balakrishnan. Why there is superseding which should be abolished by act of parliament because one person handle everything leads to loopholes in administration and authoritarian autocratic culture imbibed leading to a lot of corruptions nepotism in administration. In this case, people giving senseless opportunity given to retired people is suspicious in the state administration after virtual control of Tamilnadu, keep in mind raids at Ram Mohan Rao chief secretary.

  5. Where is sheela balakrishnan now...isnt she aware of this political drama gping on in TN. Being Ammas trusted aide she should be knowing who Sasikala is...why is this smart IAS officer hiding...y cant she come up and speak d truth abt wat was Ammas opinion about sasikala.


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