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Zevit: Review, Side Effects, Effects, Benefits and Dosage

Zevit is one of the most popular oral multivitamin supplements around the world. It is enriched with all necessary Vitamins and minerals in recommended dose. Glaxo Smithklin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. manufactures and markets it in different countries.

Following are main ingredients of Zevit Multivitamin:

-         Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 100 mcg
-         Folic Acid – 1500 mcg
-         CaliciumPantothenate – 50 mg
-         Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – 100 mg
-         Elemental Zinc – 15 mg
-         Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 10 mg
-         Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 10 mg
-         Cobalamin (Vitamin B 12) – 15 mcg
-         L- Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 150 mg
-         Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – 3 mg
-         Vitamin E – 15 mg

Effects of Zevit

Being a multivitamin, Zevit gives multitude of advantages according to effects of different ingredients. Following are some of the benefits of Zevit:

-         Vitamin B Complex: It corrects any abnormality that may happen with the metabolic functions of the body.

-         Vitamin C: It is known for repairing tissues of the body. Well, repair of tissues is a natural function done by the body on its own. But, if you are Vitamin C deficient, this function can’t be completed to the optimum level and hence the body becomes immune to many diseases. It also synthesizes proteins and lipids. Overall, it is important for maintaining immunity of the body.

-         Elemental Calcium: As we all know, Calcium is important for proper functioning and development of bones, muscles, nerves and cells, among others. It is a vital mineral that must be taken in the recommended dose. Overdose of Calcium should always be avoided. Zevit comes with the standard dose and suffice all daily Calcium needs of a normal person.

-         Vitamin E: It is a powerful anti-oxidant which is widely recognized for having many positive impacts on the skin, among many other benefits.

-         Zinc: It is important for the proper synthesis of nucleic acid.

Overall, Zevit is replete with everything that you may need to have balanced body and healthy life.

Uses of Zevit

If you are taking daily healthy diets comprising of all necessary vitamins and minerals, you may not need Zevit. However, in reality, we seldom take complete diet. In that case, we need to take supplement at regular interval to suffice all nutrient needs of the body. It is also widely recommended in the course of the treatment of any disease so that the immunity level of the person can increase and the patient can respond to the treatment, whatever that might be.

There is no denying that Zevit is quite effective in variety of cases, including neuropathic pains and other listed above. However, it is strongly recommended to take it under medical supervision, especially when the user intends to take it for prolong duration.

Side Effects of Zevit

Some of the possible side effects of Zevit are listed below. Users are suggested to consult a physician if any of these happen:

-         Depression
-         Hypersensitivity
-         Loss of Appetite
-         Dark or Green Stool
-         Nausea and Anxiety
-         Bitterness of Mouth
-         Worsening of Asthma, if the user has this condition
-         Allergic reaction

It must be noted here that Zevit is relative a safe multivitamin and usually doesn’t lead to any side effects, if taken under the recommended dose.

Dosage of Zevit

The recommended dosage is one capsule a day. Users should not take more than one capsule within 24 hours. There is no problem in taking it continuously for extended period of time. However, for really long duration, say more than 3 months, users must first consult a physician and take approval.

Can Zevit be Taken by a Pregnant Woman?

Pregnant woman can take Zevit. It will also be prudent on their part to first consult OBGyne before starting to take it. Further, pregnant women must ensure that they are not taking any other multivitamin. Remember, overdose of Vitamin E and C can be harmful for the unborn baby.

Zevit and Breastfeeding Women

Like pregnancy, there is no issue during breastfeeding stage. A lactating woman can definitely use it. However, they also should ensure to not take another multivitamin while going ahead with Zevit.

Zevit and Children/Infant

There is no problem if Zevit is given to Children above 6 months old. Again, the parents should consult a pediatrician if they are planning to give it for prolong duration to their kids.