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RJ Nidhi, RED FM: Profile, Boyfriends, Age and Family

Nidhi is the popular Radio Jockey of Allahabad. She was recently in news for talking openly about eve teasing stuffs that had happened with her. RJ Nidhi while giving details about guys also gave indication that she may quit job as it was becoming increasingly tough for her to come to office daily without listening to obscene comments by guys on Allahabad roads.

RJ Nidhi

Allahabad has become infamous for these types of incidents where girls keep on facing eve teasing and unwanted touch on public transports. RJ Nidhi did not just talk about her, but she was voice of thousands of other young girls.

The Allahabad police took notice of her complaints and started to work what they should have done previously. DM of Allhabad, Sanjay Kumar, called RJ Nidhi live on the show and requested her to desert the idea of quitting the job. He assured her that the administration will try its best to make girls safe.

RJ Nidhi, RED FM

Profile of RJ Nidhi

Very little personal information is available in the public domain about RJ Nidhi. We don’t know anything about her upbringing and education. If you have any relevant information, please share that on the comment section.

RJ Nidhi is currently working with RED FM Radio Channel where she hosts highly popular program U TURN from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. She is also lovingly called as the khushur phusur girl.

There is also no information about her relationship status - whether she has any boyfriend or she is still single.

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