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Deepak Jayakumar, Jayalalitha Nephew: Profile and Details

Deepak Jayakumar is in news recently. This media shy guy suddenly found himself at the center of attraction and people are looking for more and more information about him. This all happens because of his presence during the last rites of Jayalalitha.
Shashikala did almost everything during the last rites of Jayalalitha. That was not surprising. But, the presence of Deepak shocked many people. It was because of the fact that just two days ago Deepak sister was denied entry even to visit the Apollo Hospital. Guards had pushed her away.

Profile of Deepak Jayakumar

Deepak was born and brought up in Chennai. His parents Jayakumar was the brother of Jayalalitha and also quite close to her. Jayakumar died in 1995 while his mother Vijaya Lakshmi died in 2013. Deepak is left with only one sister named Deepa. It is said that the relationship between Deepa and Deepak isn’t good and the siblings are not even in touch.

Some media reports say that Deepak has good relations with Shashikala family, and hence he may be also coming closer to Jayalalitha. However, Deepak never wanted to project himself as the political heir of Jayalalitha. That may be the reason why Shashikala family allowed him to come close to Jayalalitha and even take part in the last rites of her.

Deepak has done MBA from USA. He is unmarried and currently seeing a girl based in Chennai. He is involved in the real estate business.

Whether Deepak will get some part of the property of Jayalalitha or not can’t be said at this moment. 

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  1. He is Mr. Deepak Jayakumar Jayaraman. Only heir of our late CM. Puratchi thalaivi Amma. Son of Mr. Jayakumar. Blood brother of Amma. Very intelligent and inspiring young man. He is smart, very well educated, and through professional. Lovable and helping tendency like his aunt,purtchi thalaivi Amma . May god bless him abundantly with great health and wealth. He is not the person of claiming anything, I know him personally, very good friend of mine. A decent gentle man. I wish, He should get major share of Amma's propertys. Which he is not interested. Good luck bro��

  2. he is very professional balanced person because he is not interested in material wealth having educated in USA matured person let him shine through dint of hard work. My Great grand father house is just opposite to Jayakumar jayaraman.

  3. Deepak is a good person and silent when I'm meet in Malaysia with my friend selvam .

  4. Deepak is a good person and silent when I'm meet in Malaysia with my friend selvam .

  5. hemust rknagar mla seat public wishes amma wishes take over party as aakilash yadav

  6. Deepak jayakumar contact numbers pls

  7. Plz send deepa mam chennai address.
    We want to meet her

  8. Plz send deepa mam chennai address.
    We want to meet her


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