Chetan Bhagat: IIT JEE Rank and CGPA

Chetan Bhagat is one of the most popular IITians of India. He has transformed himself from being an investment banker to a new age novelist to a commentator on the contemporary social, economic and political issues of India. He is also hated and often termed as a person who is not worth being the bestseller author because of his poorly written novels. However, he has always said that his writing is only aimed for youngsters and he never try to write to get shortlisted by coveted prizes, like Man Booker.

Chetan Bhagat usually writes novels based on his own story. His first blockbuster novel – Five Point Someone – led many to believe that he scored poorly at IIT Delhi as the protagonist of the story could somehow get CGPA of little over 5.

So, how was Chetan Bhagat as a student?

IIT JEE Rank of Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat has never disclosed his exact IIT JEE rank. But, we can make rough estimate about his rank as he has studied from the IIT Delhi.

Chetan did B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He had taken admission in 1991. At that time, Computer Science had started to rule and top rankers used to go for it. Mechanical was losing steam. Yet, with comparative less number of available seats, we can safely say that Chetan Bhagat rank must be around 1000.

CGPA of Chetan Bhagat at IIT Delhi

Chetan Bhagat, contrary to what his readers believe, was not an average student when it comes to scoring in semester exams at IIT. He had completed B. Tech with CGPA of 9.45.

This is quite a high CGPA when you see it in the context of his branch – Mechanical Engineering.

There is not an iota of doubt that Chetan Bhagat had worked very hard to get such an astronomical figure of CGPA. Generally, these types of students are called MAGGU at IIT Delhi.

Chetan Bhagat was also a Maggu. And, in all probability, he was not someone to raise voice against the prevailing education system of India. And, he was definitely not in relationship with the daughter of his professor.

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